Female turn ons Attraction. How To Create That Special Force!

Published: 20th January 2008
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Attraction is a vital component of dating for a girl. A girl will never date you if she doesn't fancy you. A relationship with no attraction will be automatically labeled as "just friends" in her eyes. Do you want to be her best friend or her boy friend? Get the attraction thing started straight away. This article will help you in building attraction between you and the girls.

If you want to be her boy friend you need to make sure that the attraction side of things is there from the beginning.

Attraction is more than just good looks and nice clothes, although that will certainly help ice the cake. You need to have an aura of mystery about you. Girls like a challenge so keep her guessing a little. Girls also like the hint of a little bit of naughtiness. Being able to project these two images will certainly increase the forces of attraction.

Another way to increase the attraction factor is to smile. This is even better if you have a set of dazzling pearly whites. Smiles are almost impossible not to return.

Surprisingly, the things most single girls find most attractive in a guy is a good sense of humor. If you don't have one of these, cultivate one immediately!

Creating attraction is easy with good manners. Pour her a drink, open the door, or light her cigarette. Girls find all those little gestures huge turn on's. So simple to achieve, yet so rarely seen in today's society.

Be nice to her friends. This is a sure fire way to create attraction. You can be friends with all of them if you want. The more they like you, the sexier you will seem to her.

Tell her you can cook, but only if you can. Girls find the thought of a guy wielding an apron and a fry pan in the kitchen a very sexy image. Try it and see what it does for her attraction to you.

Buying her nice flowers will instantly create extra attraction. Girls love blooms in all shapes and sizes. The exception to this is the tacky bunch of carnations from the corner store. Most girls actually find these tacky and insulting. You are actually better off buying nothing than those.

Lots of eye contact is also extremely useful for creating extra attraction. There is something very lustful about staring into someone else's eyes.

Use modified alpha male behavior to increase your attraction for her. The alpha male is always attractive to all females. It is part of their genetic programing. Alpha males always appear to be relaxed and confident. Alpha males are never scared of women. Alpha males would never fling their arms around in a bar like a drowning man. By adopting the alpha male body language patterns you will definitely create more attraction between you and any girl.

Make her hot for you with these rules for creating attraction!

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